Youngblood #8 Capsule Review


Title:  Youngblood #8

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Chad Bowers

Artist:  Jim Towe

Colorist: Juan Manuel Rodriguez

Letterer:  Rus Wooten

Cover Artist: Chad Bowers & Rob Liefield

Review:  ★★★

After last issue’s trip with President Diehard, Youngblood returns to more “heroic” adventures. This issue drops in the middle of the team invading a shipping liner in search of contraband. They discover something more than they expected and run into Interpol in the process. The story includes Vogue, Sentinel, Doc Rocket, Supreme, and Man-up. Let’s just say that their teamwork has some work to go. The book introduces a new character and drops a baddie in the process. Youngblood does it’s best to push the innerworkings of the group and their more intimate relationships. Jim Towe still does a solid with his artwork, but a little more detail would be nice. The story still gives us more to look forward in future issues. The specific cliffhanger with Supreme gives enough to add to the curiosity of the new character.

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