Marvel 2 In 1 #2: Capsule Review


Title: Marvel 2 in 1 #2

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Writer: Chip Zdarsky

Artist: Jim Cheung

Inkers: John Dell; Walden Wood & Jim Cheung

Colorist:  Frank Martin

Letterer:  VC’s Joe Caramagna

Cover Artist: Jim Cheung; Justin Ponsor; Gabriele Dell’Otto

Review:  ★★★★

For years the Marvel Two in One comic served as a showcase for The Ever Blue Eyed Thing and a guest star of some sort. It was a book that gave many comic talents a chance to take a shot at different characters. The second issue of the latest incarnation continues its run with the new adventures of the Thing and his old pal The Human Torch. Dr Doom (who is a good guy now) has asked Ben to discover the whereabouts of Reed and Sue after showing Ben an object that Reed had left for Ben. In order to get Johnny on the quest, Ben has to convince the Human Torch that the other members of the Fantastic Four are possibly alive. It’s been said that this series is meant to return the Fantastic Four back to the Marvel Universe. Of course along the way we get some cool back story information about Doom and Reed. Within this particular flashback, they do date the story which cuts into the age of the characters.  The duo also travel to Monster Island to find a clue about the missing members, plus, of course, battle the Mole Man along the way. Chip does a fine job of bringing Ben and Johnny to life with their usual banter which most fans have loved about the two over the years. I cannot gush enough over how much I enjoyed Jim Cheung’s artwork. His style reminds me of Barry Winsor Smith’s. The cover homage to Fantastic Four #1 was a nice touch as well.  I for one believe that Doom is up to no good and it should be an excellent ride. If the book does become the return of the Fantastic Four, then I welcome it with open arms.

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