Crosswind #6 Capsule Review


Title: Crosswind: Bullets and Braces

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer: Gail Simone

Artist:  Cat Skaggs

Letterer:  Simon Bowland

Cover: Cat Skaggs

Review: ★★★☆☆

Crosswind continues off where the two main characters, Juniper Blue and Case Bennett, have switched bodies. The story is set in Seattle suburbia. The book gives us a stand off with the main characters and a gangster of sorts seeking for revenge for the loss of a loved one. The interesting thing about this story is the personal relationships that are exposed through out the story. Case’s relationship with his daughter, girlfriend, and Juniper himself. The book comes with a decent resolve. Gail Simone gives us enough information about the characters to make me want go back and re-read the story. Cat Skagg’s artwork has a semi realistic look which works, but occasionally comes across awkward. Otherwise, Simone’s writing carries the story very well as a mystery crime book with down to earth relationships. The trade paperback comes out in February if you don’t want to track down the entire story which should present much better for the story on whole.

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