The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Switch) Review

Publisher:  Bethesda Softworks

Developer:  Bethesda Game Studios

MSRP:  $59.99

Rated:  Mature

Release Date:  November 17th, 2017 (Nintendo Switch)

Platforms:  Nintendo Switch

Rating: ★★★★☆

Are you ready to enter Skyrim again?  For possibly the third or fourth time?  The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gets yet another release, but this time its going portable on the Switch.  It also happens to include all of the DLC and a few extra Nintendo themed bonuses.  Otherwise its the same old Skyrim you’ve most likely played before, but its not like that’s a bad thing.

For a game that came out over six years ago, the game still looks great.  This isn’t quite the Special Edition that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One version received last year, but it does look better than the original release, whether you’re playing docked or handheld.  The only real new content that it comes with is the Nintendo additions of Link’s tunic, hylian shield, and the master sword as equipment you can find ingame or through The Legend of Zelda Amiibo.

Regardless of the lack of new content, Skyrim is such a huge and open game that it’s still a joy to go back in, especially when you can play it anytime and anywhere.  Experiencing the entire world on the go is still impressive no matter how many times we’ve played it.  The game is as massive as you remember and nothing has been sacrificed to bring it to the Switch, or more specifically a Switch cartridge since so many big 3rd party games are needing additional downloads for installation.

While nothing can really take away from this amazing experience, its disappointing they couldn’t have gone just a little bit further with this release.  The Playstation 4 and Xbox One received mod support in the Special Edition and the most the Switch got as a consolation are three in game items.  It’s definitely awesome to walk around brutalizing the world of Skyrim with the master sword, but why did they stop there with just those and nothing else.  We could have seen a plethora of other items based off Gannon, Sheik, or how about the Breath of the Wild champions?

What you’re coming for with this release is certainly the portability factor.  As with most games on the Switch, that’s the biggest difference which is going to make you want to rebuy this game again.  If you happened to be one of those completely oblivious to Skyrim and haven’t previously played it, this is a game you need to experience and certainly should get.  For everyone else, you can’t go wrong entering this world one more time and playing it on the go.

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