Bloodshot Salvation #4 Capsule Review


Title: Bloodshot Salvation #4

Publisher: Valiant Entertainment

Writer: Jeff Lemire

Artist:  Mico Suayan 

Colorist: Diego Rodriguez

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover Artist:  Mico Suayan with Brian Reber

Review: ★★★★☆

Since the start of Bloodshot Salvation, we’ve known two of the big players Ray is going to be up against are the Scarred Man and Rampage, the first during the present and the latter in the future.  The latest issue attempts to give us our first insight into the pair, looking into their childhood and how it shaped them into the men they have become.  It makes for a slower story since the focus is completely on them this time, but it was necessary to humanize them both, ultimately making for much more interesting villains than they had.  Suayan doesn’t have as much action to draw as the series typically showcases, yet he still makes it a great fit for his style, giving detail to every panel and capturing the emotions on the characters faces.  Setting it completely outside of the current events slows the overarching story, yet it still is a great addition to finally give us some backstory on two characters we’ve been in the dark about.

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