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Top 5 Costumes:  Gambit

There has been a lot of talk this week about our favorite ragin’ cajun, this week with the announcement of Channing Tatum being officially cast as Gambit for X-Men:  Apocalypse and his own spinoff film.  While we honestly are not convinced of Tatum in the role yet, it has brought tons of attention to one of our favorite X-Man.  We had been saving sifting through Gambit’s closet for just the right time, and now it seemed appropriate.  Remy likes to look good as he thieves and romances, so we had many great choices to pick from when creating his top five best.  We also knew before we even started which was the look that would ultimately be his dishonorable mention.  Check out our top choices below and let us know what you think!


5.  X-treme:  As with the entire X-treme X-Men team, Gambit received a brand new costume for the change of locale.  The new look is perfect for a thief, stealthy and sleek.  It does have a few extra straps than necessary which begins to veer into a bondage look, but it doesn’t take that all the way.  Of course he has his to have the jacket available there or all bets might be off.


4.  Age of Apocalypse:  Previously I would not have thought much of Gambit with a cape, but the Age of Apocalypse costume made it work.  The blue and yellow, while not his typical colors, were nice to tie-in with his X-Men heritage, even if when he was introduced in this universe he was not technically an X-Man.  It gives him more of a smuggler look here, but it’s a nice design.

3.  Revolution:  During the X-Men Revolution event, everyone was given new redesigns to shake the line up, and of course Gambit was no exception.  It kept some of his classic elements, but modified the slightly, such as the adjusted shin guards and his jacket, just one at a shorter length.  The red bandanna serves no purpose, but it just goes to show how fasionable our favorite thief is.

2.  Age of X:  The Age of X story was a fantastic one which we could have been happy with lasting longer.  It was an interesting micro verse full of new costumes for characters, none of which looked better than Gambit’s.  The costume is very simple, smoothe, and badass, a great tactical outfit.  The rifle we include as part of the costume, and it was ingenious.  Having him fire kineticly charged shots was a devasting weapon for the battlefield they waged war on daily.

1.  Modern:  Not to be confused of with his original appearance costume, which is similar to this but did not make our list, this is the costume everyone thinks of when they think Gambit, rightfully so.  To be the perfect costume for him, the jacket is a must.   Just as with the Age of X costume, his staff is part of this costume and is a must as well.  It’s not just an accessory, it’s his whoop ass stick.  Not many heroes can pull off the light purple, but that’s only because Gambit owns it so well.  The black pants with silver shin guards complement each other perfectly, which is were his original deviated with purple pants, which even Gambit can’t pull off sadly. Finally the metal collar and cowl work in perfect unison to showcase that handsome cajun face the Rogue falls for every time (unless Magneto’s around of course.)

Dishonorable Mention

Death:  When Gambit gave himself to Apocalypse to save the X-Men by becoming Death of the four horsemen, we already thought the reasoning was extremely weak, but we went with it to see what they had in store.  Then we saw the alterations he was put through by Apocalypse in 2006 and couldn’t stop vomiting for the rest of the year.  First, the dark version of his normal costume just looks plain silly.  His jacket looks amazing as part of his normal costume, but when he is acting as Death, he looks like a joke with it.  The long, straight, white hair just goes to show that Apocalypse has some terrible hair stylists working for him;  Ozymandias should just stick with his normal forces day job.  Archangel was a character that they showed how to do right when you turn them into a horsemen, in Gambit’s case, they showed how they should never, never, never do it again.

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