Movie News: Rumor, Sub-Mariner Film In Development

This is to be chalked up as a rumor for now , but we might see Namor storm the big screen fairly soon.  Universal Pictures, who currently owns the rights for Namor, announced an unnamed big budget film for Friday, November 4th 2016.

Now El Mayimbe of Latino Review is saying that his sources tell him this film is actually Sub-Mariner:

“What Marvel property does Universal own that Kevin Feige last summer confirmed to Empire Magazine is still at Universal? Namor: The Sub Mariner I’m chalking this story up to “rumor status” because enough insider industry bees that I trust were buzzing last night and this morning yet, at press time this is still unconfirmed. Here is also the kicker. Warners officially got Justice League on the horizon and from what I hear, AQUAMAN will be an integral part of that story.”

Do you want to see Namor on the big screen?

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