Giantkillers #0 Capsule Review


Title: Giantkillers: #0

Publisher: IDW Publishing/Ominous Press


Writing: Bart Sears, Ron Marz

Art: Bart Sears, Tom Raney

Colorist: Nanjan Jamberi; Neeraj Menon

Letterer: A Larger World Studio; Troy Peteri; Dave Lanphear

Covers: Bart Sears; Tom Raney; Aaron Lopresti

Review: ★★★★☆

Giantkillers is the beginning of new series by Bart Sears (Justice League Europe), Ron Marz (Green Lantern) and Tom Raney (X-Men). The story jumps right in with Akron the Giantkiller protecting Auoro the White. Auoro is the “chosen one” who is said to destroy the great evil of the land. It seems like I have been reading a bunch of stories like this lately. It must be a Star Wars effect;  you choose a plot and run with it. The book is broken into three sections where we get some vague information about Auror and, not surprisingly, her other wizard protector Tulat. At this point I would say stop now, this book is done, but Bart Sears and Tom Raney have done something quite fantastic with their artwork in each segments. The story might be a little contrived, but it’s look has an amazing atmosphere. We can feel the cold the characters are experiencing. It gives the book much-needed depth that the story was not letting us see. There are not so subtle character designs like the Tulat being half man/half beast that makes us want more. I would say this is a good start to probably a much bigger world that happens to occur in Nebraska at some point. The art alone is beautiful and gives us no pause to hold our breath for the next comic.

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