Ghost Fleet Trade Paperback Capsule Review


Title:  Ghost Fleet Trade Paperback

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Donny Cates

Artist:  Daniel Warren Johnson

Colorist:  Lauren Affe

Letterer: CRANK!

Cover Artist: Daniel Warren Johnson

Review:  ★★★☆☆

There are some stories that come off familiar and just simply comfortable.  Ghost Fleet is just that way. It feels like Road Warrior starring Kurt Russell;  the book was even dedicated to him. I say the best way to describe Ghost Fleet is visceral. It’s a story about a two guys that protect trucks riding the highways. Their story jumps back and forth from the future and the past as we learn about Ward and Trace. The men’s lives are intertwined until the events of the first chapter their friendship comes into question. The book also includes a violent mystery character who is cool and almost likable. Now when I speak of visceral, I mean Daniel Warren Johnson’s artwork. His art is detailed, bloody, and action packed. He makes you feel like your on the road with our characters. The story isn’t actually straight forward as I make it out to be, it has quite the depth and a major twist. This book is a dark story that isn’t for younger readers. This is a solid book that is an excellent read for those who like their stories action heavy like a good 80’s movie.

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