The Top Ten Reasons To See Justice League

We are knee-deep into the fall movie season and the anticipation to see the Justice League has hit critical mass.  Ever since the last shot of Batman vs Superman we have been clinging to the symbol of hope of watching this team fully assembled.  While Wonder Woman gave most us everything we ever could have needed out of a DC movie, all of the pieces are finally in place.  Now reviews have been pretty mixed for Justice League, but don’t let that stop you from going to the theater to see these amazing heroes join forces.  We’ve created our top ten list of reasons why you need to see Justice League if you’ve been waiting on the fence.

In this April 12, 2012 photo, writer and director Joss Whedon, from the upcoming film "The Avengers", poses for a portrait in Beverly Hills, Calif. The film will be released in theaters May 4. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

10. Joss Whedon

Yes, our favorite Avengers director had a hand in polishing up the Justice League. He was brought on board to help when Zack Synder had some devastating news at home. Our sympathies go out to him during this trying time. Joss brought some incredible life to the Avengers and you can really see the lightness and humor he was able to inject into the film during his short time on it.  The best news of all is that he will be continuing on with the DC universe after this, so we will have even more to look forward to from Whedon in the future.


9. Parademons

Just think, flying zombie bug demons that feed our fear. The Parademons have been seen in the trailers for the film so it’s a given that you will want to see what these bug zombies are all about. I do like the fact that they use these guys here instead of some random minion that makes to sense in the DC Universe.  They might be cannon fodder for our battling heroes, but they sure look cooler than the Chitauri from The Avengers.


8. Steppenwolf

We get an introduction to a new bad guy of Steppenwolf.  I know, he sounds like a Led Zepplin song. Steppenwolf is the uncle to Darkseid and part of his Elite Corps of warriors. This guy is possibly one of the best power houses to go up against the Justice League.  Best of all superb actor Ciaran Hinds is the man behind the CGI performance.  He brings an extra layer to the role that makes him a step above the below average typical comic villains we see.


7. Cyborg

I haven’t actually been a fan of this DC Universe using Cyborg in this capacity. I grew up reading Teen Titans and seeing him planted squarely in that team work. None the less we have him here and he actually turned out very well.  Surprisingly he brings plenty of heart to the film, so don’t be fulled by his CGI nature.  He might not be quite in the comic role we know him in, but it still works great for the film.


6. Aquaman

Over the years you have heard that Aquaman is the joke of the league and he talks to fish. First, read more Aquaman comics. He can be a badass on so many levels. Jason Momoa definitely has a different look than the comic version, but does a terrific job to show that he is no joke.  He leans a little too much into the “bro” stereotype at times, but otherwise he shows why he has been such an integral member of the Justice League and should not be taken lightly.


5. Flash

I’m big fan of the Flash. It’s been a hard sell to get me to see Ezra Miller as the Flash. Did you see the trailer? Of course you did.  He freakin’ caught a Batarang like a boss. If you actually watch the movie, you’ll see that he is more interesting than Cyborg or Aquaman.  Miller makes the role his own, taking a different route than Gustin Grant which really stands out.  He is easily one of the biggest surprises of the movie and makes us excited to see what a standalone Flash film will look like.


4. Wonder Woman

You knew she was gonna be in the movie based on Batman vs Superman and Wonder Woman. Last summer we got all kinds of Diana and it was fantastic. Gal Gadot knows how to chew up the screen time. She fights with grace and ferocity. If you liked Wonder Woman at all, you’ll love seeing her kick plenty more ass.  Do we really need to say anymore?


3. Superman

As one of the Trinity, Superman’s presence has been sorely lacking. At this point, it shouldn’t be much of a surprise, that yes, Superman is in the film.  Finally Henry Cavil feels like the Superman we know and love from the comics, actually managing to crack a smile.  It gives us hope if there actually is a Man of Steel 2, we will see a lighter, friendly Superman compared to the dark, dreary version we’ve seen otherwise.  Just don’t stare too much at his upper lip during the film and you’ll be happy.


2. Batman

Everyone that’s a fan of Batman raise your hand. ME ME ME. As of writing this Ben Affleck could be done as the Dark Knight, so this could be our last time with him in the role. Trust me it’s not something I’m all that happy about. Ben eats up all of the scenery as Batman and his times as an older, hardened Bruce Wayne.  Compared to last time we saw him, he has relaxed a little bit, at least as much as Batman can relax.  Seeing him fit in with the other members of the Justice League just gives us all sorts of warm and fuzzys.

justice league logo

1. Justice League

Like any comic book film out there, we all want a sequel. So the more people go and see the movie the more likely the sequel or continuation of the story will happen. Since we know Steppenwolf is the primary baddie in this flick and that Luthor caused all kinds havoc in Batman vs Superman this film would have to fail beyond belief not to have sequel, even though it has been an overwhelming success yet.  If you stay through the credits, you’ll notice two things.  First, the future of the DC universe should be much brighter.  Second, you’ll notice the Justice League has plenty of more to worry about in the future.  Both combined give us plenty of hope that the best is yet to come.

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