MASK: First Strike #1 Capsule Review

af6bd112039a3d72dc7c15d3df458b9bTitle: MASK: First Strike #1: Capsule Review

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Aubrey Sitterson

Art: Ilias Kyriazis

Colorist: Mark Roberts

Letterer: Gilberto Lazcano

Cover: Drew Johnson; Ililas Kyriazis; Whilce Portacio

Review: ★★★★★

Let’s get this right off the bat, this story is part two of the GI Joe: First Strike book, so go buy that one if you want to keep up. This particular comic does not really have MASK in it at all;  imagine my confusion. It has a giant metal snake attacking New York. Shipwreck, Sgt. Slaughter, and even Rock N’ Roll show up for the fight. Skywarp is the resident Transformer in the story. While the book has very little to do with MASK, it is super fun. Quick Kick makes a solid appearance battling some rather nasty ninjas. He also gets a run-in with Cobra’s Storm Shadow and Firefly. It’s been sometime since I’ve gotten an opportunity to catch a decent GI Joe story and I would highly recommend this one. Sure, Shipwreck is the leader of the Joes in this battle but the interaction is totally worth it. The artwork is excellent and entertaining to read and re-read a second time. Ilias Kyriazis should be proud. The book is designed to lead up to future adventures with both MASK and GI Joe and does a great job to get you interested for more.

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