Clue #5 Capsule Review


Title: Clue #5

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writer: Paul Allor

Artist: Nelson Daniel

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Cover: Jon Sommariva; Nelson Daniel; Nicoletta Baldari

Review: ★★★★☆

Four down, seven remaining murder suspects.  Clue continues our story of murder and mayhem. We get some fascinating flashbacks and are let in on some important information. We do know that A. Boddy has had some sort of plan all along. I can’t imagine murder was part of the plan. The government has their nose in the floral business and the local celebrity has its own issues. The artwork is still fantastic and well designed with its color and style. Paul Allor is completely brilliant with the use of the butler’s narrative. I know the story has to end soon enough but it’s a solid book that will be fantastic when collected a complete set of works. The ending leaves us a solid cliffhanger, so whatever room and with whatever weapon the finale should be a solid read.

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