Shinobi Ninja Princess: The Lightning Oni #1 Capsule Review


Title: Shinobi Ninja Princess: The Lightning Oni #1

Publisher: Action Lab Comics

Writer: Martheus and Janet Wade

Art: Martheus Wade

Colorist: Martheus Wade and Gene Fayne

Cover: Martheus Wade and Gene Fayne

Review: ★★☆☆☆

Our story of  Shianndrea takes place after World War III where Japan has been destroyed. There are two warring Ninja factions that are battling for control of the country. I had to look up what an “ONI” actually was;  it happens to be a Japanese demon, troll or devils. I believe the “Lightning ONI” refers to the potential big bad of this story. Now all this sounds very ominous and super cool. The story actually is played out like a ninja high school drama story. Shianndrea is training to be a master and she happens to have a scrappy rival within the school. The mention of the Justin Bieber ONI causes many eyes to roll. The artwork is cartoon like which goes with the ton, but I feel it would nice to have more detail and better figure illustration. The series definitely slants to a younger readership, so there might be merit for a different audience. The book does have some depth with the Japanese lore that will attract other readers.

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