Batman and Harley Quinn Review

Title: Batman and Harley Quinn

Publisher: Warner Bros. Animation

Review: ★★☆☆☆


At first glance, and even the mention, of the concept of a Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie sounds fantastic. It’s a return to the Batman animated series that was a damn near perfect series. Bruce Timm returns to his co-creation of Harley Quinn. Kevin Conroy returns to voice the Batman. There’s nothing that could go wrong here.  Right?  The animation was still up to par and felt very much like the universe that was created in 1991. The action sequences are actually fantastic, especially the Nightwing scene.  Everything sounds pretty perfect so far.  Right?


Poison Ivy and Floronic Man have teamed up to save the planet.  It sounds like a good villain team-up, but it’s not done well at all. At this point Harley gone on the straight narrow.  She works at a dump called Superbabes.  Really.  Do you see where this thing starts to fall? I’m normally a fan of Melissa Rauch of the Big Bang Theory, but her voice on Harley is painful. Harley loses the charm and cuteness that made us enjoy Harley in the first place. It changes the entire tone what could be a fantastic story. A character by the name of Sarge Steel appears to help the Floronic Man’s plot. The character is waste in this story as is the use of the Swamp Thing in the finale.


How do you take an excellent story and take it so far the other way? Easy, add unnecessary sex to a normally alright for kids show.  For shame Nightwing;  remember the time I told you Harley had a fight with Nightwig, er,  Nightwing? Harley wins the fight and ties Nightwing to the bed. Stuff happens on the bed (off-screen). That’s not where it began either.  Sarge Steel refers to a “piece of pie”. Another way this story falls is the fart joke. Batman/Nightwing and Harley team-up and are travelling to Bludhaven. Let’s just say Harley’s stomach gets the better of her and she ruins the air quality of the Batmobile. It’s a waste of animation time.

Could it get any worse than a terrible fart joke?  Harley also has to put on a song and dance to gain information about Ivy.  Lord, the whole scene is painful.  Batman taps his finger to the song and Nightwing decides to dance. The scene takes place somewhere our villain’s colorful lackeys hang out. An off-screen battle happens and the words “OW, MY BALLS!” show up on the screen.  Seriously.


I imagine the droves of die-hard Harley fans will enjoy this animated story. Unfortunately for everyone else this film is just terrible.  It’s sad that the writers couldn’t give us a better animated tale, especially with the talent behind it. It feels like it wants to be classic Batman Animated Series at times, and then classic Adam West Batman at times;  it just fails it doing either.

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