Wynonna Earp #2 Capsule Review


Title: Wynonna Earp #2 Season Zero

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer: Beau Smith/Tim Rozon

Art: Angel Hernandez

Colorist: Jay Fotos

Letterer: Christa Miesner

Cover: Chris Evenhuis

Review: ★★★★☆

I admit I have been a fan of the Wyatt Earp concept for several years. I am one of the few people who actually like the movie Wyatt Earp over Tombstone. Not that matters here, but I wasn’t sure about the Wynonna Earp concept. She happens to be the great great grand daughter of the famous lawman. My experience with the story is the show on Netflix. It reminds me of Supernatural. Season Zero is about dealing with Wynonna’s past. She spent time with a hard-core biker gang/mercenaries that happen to be enhanced. They inhabit a fort called the Bloody Port. The story has some colorful characters which suit the comic format. One of the characters are reminded of Darth Vader and is even called that by Wynonna. Beau Smith has made a very likable character in Wynonna. As the reader we tend to see how Wynonna relates well to any of the characters that are on her side of the fight. The supporting characters also make to fight against the nasty looking bad of Season Zero. Issue 2 is a nice set-up for the upcoming battle in the next issue. Angel Hernandez’s artwork is perfect for the story and he pulls a fantastic likeness of the actors that now play the parts. This should be an excellent on going read for fans of this type of story.

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