Real Science Adventures #5 Capsule Review

Title Real Science Adventures #5

realscience5pagePublisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Art: Lo Baker (She Devils) &Wook Jin Clark (The Sparrow)

Colorist: Anthony Clark

Letterer: Tessa Stone; Jeff Powell

Cover: Scott Wegner; Anthony Clark

Review: ★★★☆☆

The She-Devils last attempt at escape has stalled their escape from Mad Jack and his flying pirates. The situation for both sides has come down to hopeful to desperate. The She-Devils have started to take certain amount of damage on the stolen plane. It’s a wonder that the plane is still in flight. The issues of Real Science Adventures shows us how desperate the times of war can become. The art by Lo Baker is still fun to admire and it even looks a little battle worn like our heroes of this story. The back story of the Sparrow is more of the Sparrow narrowly escaping her mission. Sadly her mission uncovers more than she though would occur. It leaves our little back story with a nice cliffhanger even with harsh ending. Overall Real Science Adventures continues to be a solid post WWII war epic that might need a little push in the storytelling in the terms of pace. The Sparrow’s cliffhanger will bring us back for more.

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