Hasbro Heroes Source Book #1 Capsule Review


Title: Hasbro Heroes Source Book #1

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writers: Various & Sina Grace

Artists: Various & Robert Atkins

Colorist: Many  & Jorge Sutil

Letterer: Text & Shawn Lee

Cover: Fico Ossio; Sam Lofti; Marcelo Borstelmann

Review: ★★★★★

Let it be said that information is power. Hasbro’s source is possibly the one collection of information that gives you all the low down on Hasbro’s comic line. Pretty much any character you want to know about is in this first book. This issue begins with Acroyear and ends with Duke. The text includes group affiliation and first appearances. The artwork is fantastic and IDW did a quality job of picking the illustrators for each characters. The book does open up with a clever short story that happens to be down to earth. This issue also includes extra entries too that are a nice surprise for the buyer. If you pick up this issue then you have to pick up the remainder of the series.

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