John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: The Vault #2


Title:  John Carpenter’s Tales of Science Fiction: The Vault #2

Publisher:  Storm King Comics

Writer: James Ninness

Artist: Andres Esparza

Colorist: Sergio Martinez

Lettering: Janice Chiang

Cover:  Andre Esparza

Review: ★★★★☆

The word “Vault” implies something of value that has been locked up. The crew of the Gaia have uncovered something ghastly and dangerous. The story feels like that of the original Alien movie. You could say that it’s good thing. The story is tense and has a time frame that has the crew working against a clock. The thing I really enjoy about this book is the atmosphere the colors create. Everything is lit up in a bright digital blue whenever possible. It works fantastic with the design of the book. I really liked the design of the space suits. They come across very since they expose the facial expressions.  The monster of the book might be the slight downfall cause it comes across like a Killer Croc/Lizard wanna be. It even channels the alien from Alien itself except for a more lizard like look. The monster can be graphically violent but has a different motivation then the standard killer mayhem. Overall the book is a solid read and we can’t wait to see where the finale goes from here.

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