Zombie Tramp #38 Capsule Review

Title:  Zombie Tramp #38

Publisher:  Action Lab Entertainment

Writer:  Dan Mendoza

Artist:  Celor

Colorist:  Valentina Pucci

Letterer:  Justin Birch

Cover Artist:  Dan Mendoza;  Timothy Weaver;  Ben Hansen

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Its Janey versus Xula in an all out fight to the death (or redeath?). It’s a bit bitter-sweet to see it come to this between the two, especially that Xula’s loyalty to her queen is stronger than her bond with Janey.  Even so its pretty spectacular to watch these two go at it, throwing everything they have at each other.  It’s as brutal as you would hope/expect.  While the art mostly holds up, there are a few consistency issues that are a tad off-putting.  The background coloring changes from page to page from red, to grey, to a starry background, and so on.  Celor’s art style works well for the more graphic action scenes, but his use of sketchy lines makes other the characters look awkward and rushed at times.  For such a major battle things should have been on point, but they just miss the mark a little to frequently.  Luckily Mendoza’s great banter between the two keeps the issue from veering off track to far and keeps enjoyable.

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