Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #3 Capsule Review


Title: Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #3

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  David Tipton and Scott Tipton

Artist:  J.K. Woodward

Colorist:  Charlie Kirchoff

Letterer:  AndWorld Design

Cover Artist:  J.K. Woodward;  George Caltsoudas;  Tony Shasteen and J.D. Mettler

Review:  ★★★★☆

After two issues of planning (three if you count the FCBD issue), Captain Picard and the loyal crew members of the Stargazer are ready to steal the Enterprise for themselves.  If you joining the series for the first time and this already sounds bonkers, it is.  Broken Mirror shows us a twisted version of our favorite characters, such as Geordi La Forge and Deanna Troy having no qualms about vaporizing Enterprise crew members who get in their way.  How about Picard willing to leave those who believes are disloyal aboard a sabotaged Star Gazer with no weapons or shields.  It’s a harsh world were nothing matters but strength and we’re deeply enjoying it because of that.  Not only did we get to see the normal crew in some hardcore action scenes, we get to see this realities Captain Jellico being a bigger dick than he was in the actual series, if that’s even possible.  It all comes together for a satisfying conclusion to the heist and the start of what should be some great badassery coming from the book as things really heat up.

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