Anno Dracula #4 Capsule Review


Title: Anno Dracula #4

Publisher: Titan Comics

Writer: Kim Newman

Artist: Paul McCaffrey

Colorist: Kevin Enhart 

Letterer: Simon Bowland

Cover: Paul McCaffrey, Tom Mandrake, Martin Stiff

Review: ★★★☆☆

The latest issue picks up with our plucky ginger haired vampire Katie dealing with the Council of the Seven Days. It’s close to Prince Dracula’s Tin Jubilee and Council has become aware of Katie’s double loyalties. This story continues to be very interesting. The thought that Dracula has taken over England and the vampires under his control has turned against him. The Council’s motivations seem sound;  kill Dracula and stop the Jubilee. All isn’t what it seems, Christina Light  has gone off the deep end. She is part of the Seven Council but also uses her powers for more control. Issue 4 continues the story in a more logical path but ends with an interesting cliff hanger that will lead up to the conclusion. The artwork is still solid and detailed. It has a cartoonish feel, but gritty enough to pass for a vampire story. It’s nice that the book doesn’t rely on a Gothic style that a lot of vampire stories gravitate towards. This story could easily extend beyond the last issue and give us more vampire goodness.

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