Cosmic Scoundrels #5 Capsule Review


Title: Cosmic Scoundrels #5

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer: Matt Chapman

Artist: Andy Suriano

Letterer: Andy Suriano 

Cover Artist:  Andy Suriano, Aaron Conley

Review:  ★★★★☆

When we last left our heroes they were surrounded by many factions wanting to pull out the Scoundrels toenails. Plus we just had to suffer through Love Savage’s ditched wedding back story. It really wasn’t all that bad.  Issue #5 ends the four issue question as how important Little Tad just happens to be. Like many things that happen with babies, it all happens with a “Big Burp.” Our story’s revelation is much bigger then expected. Granted, with this book anything is possible and generally improbable. I’ve enjoyed the book more then I thought I would. The story strays enough to be weird and enough to be re-read again. I have a small impression we might not see an issue #6 since they ended the Tad plot, but dropped a cliffhanger that could end the book or continue with Rosambo and Love Savage’s adventures. Party Steve even dropped a little something to end his part of the back-up story. I hope IDW continues this as it is fun and entertaining even if it’s not all that serious. If they collect the stories it would be an excellent addition to the home library.

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