Hero Cats of Skyworld #18 Capsule Review


Title:  Hero Cats of Skyworld #18

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Writer: Kyle Putkammer

Artist: Omaka Schultz

Colorist: Julie Barclay

Letterer: George Gant

Cover Artist: Omaka Schultz

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Herocats of Skyworld? Was I missing something? This is a comic that has magical cats on dragons. They are battling giant armored crows that have invaded earth.  The book reminds me of a cartoon I’ve seen in the past, or maybe it’s the cat lover in me that draws me to this story. It feels like it was illustrated to be an animated story at some point. It’s a fun, likable story that can easily be read by any cat lover or someone who wants a tame action adventure. There are plenty of characters to get to know. This particular issue is the end of a storyline so it might not be the best jumping on point, but when cats ride dragons, this point is as good as any.

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