Overcooked: Special Edition Review

Publisher:  Team17

Developer:  Ghost Town Games

MSRP: $19.99

Rated: Everyone

Release Date: July 27th, 2017

Platforms:  Nintendo Switch

Rating: ★★★★☆

Meet your new go to co-op game for the Switch.  If you’ve ever worked in a kitchen, you know things can get pretty hectic fast with a rush of customers.  Overcooked boils down this into a 2-4 player experience which may not have the nuisances of a spending time in a real kitchen, it stays super frantic and super fun.

If you are going into this solo, the game will pit you as two chefs in a kitchen which you will switch back and forth between to chop, cook, serve, and wash as quick as you can to earn that sweet money and tips before time runs out.  If you play coop, each of you will control a chef, and more will join the group if you have that third or forth friend joining in.  The game already forces you to be on you toes just getting the ingredients turned into a dish to push out, but how well will you perform when suddenly your cutting boards and counters shift around the kitchen.  Everything can suddenly shift around on you, fireballs can come flying at you, or your chefs will be cut off from each other and can only perform specific tasks putting your teamwork skills to the test.

The game is really a blast whether your playing by yourself or with some friends.  The story is plenty of fun and silliness as you work your way through time, directed by the Onion King to sharpen your skills to feed the ultimate customer, the spaghetti monster.  You’ll constantly have to switch back and forth to make sure your maximizing your time with each chef.  With friends you will have plenty of times you’ll be shouting at each other to move faster or not to let the soup burn.  When there is a lot going on at once, the frame rate suffers a bit, but it stays at a consistent speed when this happens.  There was never a time when we felt like the frame rate screwed up things for us, it’s just more of a cosmetic annoyance that they’ll hopefully have patched out fast.

While the Switch is quickly becoming the center piece for your parties with the amount of co-op games, Overcooked has already put itself towards the top of the list.  The controls are simple enough anyone can jump in and play, but if you want to three star each level its going to get tough.  It may have been previously released on other systems, it feels like it was made with the Switch in mind with each player using a half Joy-Con, not to mention the extra levels and chefs the Special Edition adds.  Overcooked Special Edition is yet another must own game for the Switch that won’t leave you disappointed.

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