Tomboy TPB Vol. 3 Capsule Review


Title: Tomboy Vol. 3

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Story: Mia Goodwin

Artist: Michelle Wong

Colorist: Jesnsin

Covers: Mia Goodwin; Michelle Wong

Review:  ★★★★☆

Tomboy Vol. 3 is the collected works of Issues 9-12 of the series. Assuming you have picked up Volumes 1 and 2, this naturally should be your next purchase. Why would you take the time to read Tomboy anyways? The title doesn’t really jump off the page as something you want to invest your time into. After my first read though, I would easily say this trade paperback is worth the cash. Our “Tomboy” happens to be Addison who has what you might say the power of the gods. Well, at least one faction of  three types of gods that pull the literal strings on humanity. It sounds kind of heavy and frankly it is to a point. Except the story is all internalized to separate families and the deep back story. The story also has some serious teen angst through out. Addison is a bit of killer that happens to take the eyes out of her victims. With all the interlocking characters that history that goes back for some time Tomboy has lots of story to tell. Michelle Wong’s art style reminds me of an anime type of design. It works well for this book. Mia Goodwin’s are something to behold with the flowing lines that have an interest pattern to them. I wouldn’t say Tomboy is for everyone with its brash and gory violence, but it’s something great to sink your teeth into and enjoy the heavy plot.

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