Night Owl Society #3 Capsule Review


Title:  Night Owl Society #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer:  James Venhaus

Artist: Pius Bak

Letterer: Marshall Dillion

Cover Artist: Pius Bak; Hugo Petrus

Review:  ★★★★☆

I want to think that any story put before us has to improve upon itself or fail completely. The third issue gives us the necessary need to continue our reading.  As the results of the last issue Michael has to directly deal with his nemesis or his father to be more specific. The conflict plays out like one would expect, but not. It wasn’t exactly a creative decision I think I could have made, but it equals the dark tone of the series so far. Even when you thought there would be some resolution to the story it goes another way. Harsher family matters bring about some choices that Micheal has to make for himself and the team. The artwork continues with its sketchy expressive style that makes us care and understand the characters even further. It definitely puts the Night Owl Society above the simplicity of the Breakfast Club concept. They will definitely need masks going forward. The book also ends on mystery note that will cause our heroes further problems in the future. The book will absolutely be worth the read.

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