Bankshot #2 Capsule Review


Title: Bank Shot #2 

Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

Writer: Alex De Campi

Artist: Chriscross

Colorist: Snakebite Cortez

Letterer: Alex De Campi

Cover Artist: Alex De Campi; Snakebite Cortez

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Dark Horse Comics drops its second issue of the Bank Shot series this week. I wasn’t too sure about this story but based on the cover alone I thought I would give it a shot. Bankshot is a military/heist story that has gone wrong. Marcus King is the last of his team that was left for dead when he was shot in the back. He was discovered in the desert by kind Arabs that took him to a hospital to be healed. Our story is one where the writer decides to jump back and forth in time. King becomes a sort of super soldier with the help of some Russian 80’s technology. During the course of this excellent spy story King becomes the hunted and the hunter. The story also presents tons of questions that should eventually solve itself through the course of the book. Chriscross’s artwork is detailed in all the right spots. He has some excellent facial expressions on his characters. BankShot seems like a quality story that should build with the remainder of the story. This second issue gives us enough back story to ask for more.

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