Night Owl Society #2 Capsule Review


Title:  Night Owl Society #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer:  James Venhaus

Artist: Pius Bak

Letterer: Marshall Dillion

Cover Artist: Pius Bak

Review:  ★★★★☆

The Breakfast Club continues.  The Night Owl Society has allowed for six months to pass. The team has become a well oiled machine on the fight for justice. It sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Plus the bad guys have shown no sign of stopping even with the Night Owl’s interference. The leader of the Night Owl Society has a secret. If you read the first issue then you know and I know, but the Society is in the dark. This whole point shows where the tension and drama of the story is going to come from eventually. So far this book has been interesting with its parallels to Breakfast Club, but has its dark side. The art design is still brilliant in the tone that changes throughout the story. Like many second issue we are given a nice back story to where things began and a nice cliffhanger. Issue three should be really good based on the cover tease we were presented with in the end.

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