Real Science Adventures #3 Capsule Review


Title Real Science Adventures #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Art: Lo Baker (She Devils) &Wook Jin Clark (The Sparrow)

Colorist: Anthony Clark

Letterer: Tessa Stone; Jeff Powell

Cover: Scott Wegner; Anthony Clark

Review: ★★★☆☆

Our story picks up with the She-Devils on the run from Mad Jack. It’s obvious that Jack has no interest in losing his flagship or the cargo on board. The issue plays out like a strategy mission for our She-Devils. Each issue ends up having a series of sequences that show the She-Devil executing something technical. I want to believe that this is where the whole science part of the title comes into play. This issue is more dialog based and I believe it’s setting of the events for the next issue. There is lots of tension to add drama to the story. The follow-up story with the Sparrow is a mind battle with the Nazis. She apparently has a female opposite in the German army. Overall RSA continues to be a smart book with a clever art design that’s worthy of follow-up readings.

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