Harbinger Renegade #5 Capsule Review


Title:  Harbinger Renegade #5

Publisher:  Valiant Entertainment

Writer:  Rafer Roberts

Artist:  Darick Robertson

Inker:  Richard Clark

Colorist:  Diego Rodriguez

Letterer:  Simon Bowland

Cover Artist:  Darick Robertson and Diego Rodriguez;  Giuseppe Camuncoli with Andrew Dalhouse;  Clayton Crain;  Mark Laming with Pete Pantazis;  Monika Palosz

Review:  ★★★★★

Valiant has been teasing some big things in the latest Harbinger Renegade’s arc ‘Massacre’ and they did not disappoint.  Instead of opening with Peter’s group, Generation Zero is the first target on HARD Corps radar.  It’s a brutal, shocking battle that leaves both groups with heavy casualties.  While its hard to see most of the HARD Corps members as more than cannon fodder with their constant switch outs, the big deaths in Generation Zero really sting.  It’s a group that has gotten plenty of spotlight over the last few years with their own miniseries and suffice to say they will never be the same.  The brutality of the issue almost goes to far, but it really shows how high the stakes are, especially with the Renegades next up.  Emotional this is already a tough arc to go into as a fan, though it’s definitely one you do not want to miss.

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