Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #2


Title: Star Trek The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #2

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  David Tipton and Scott Tipton

Artist:  J.K. Woodward

Colorist:  Charlie Kirchoff

Letterer:  AndWorld Design

Cover Artist:  J.K. Woodward;  George Caltsoudas;  Josh Hood and Jason Lewis

Review:  ★★★☆☆

The dark and twisted look into The Next Generation continues as Picard sets out to shore up his plan for taking control of the Enterprise.  This means dotting his I’s and crossing his T’s, along with killing any crew member who looks to take him on.  This certainly is Picard as we’ve never seen him before, even going physically one on one against Ryker to earn his loyalty.  It still leaves us with questions though, especially in regards to Inquisitor Diana Troy.  With all the characters, their loyalty to Picard is based on how it helps them in the future which we’ve seen, with Data being able to be reasoned that he’s an android and takes his orders willingly.  However, much of his plan depends on Troy, but we’ve yet to see why her loyalty runs to deep to him or vice versa. Hopefully this is something that gets further explained down the line and not just overlooked.  Everything is certainly a little to over the top and could be toned down just a bit to make it more relatable.  Still, it is enjoyable to see these cherished characters take a turn from the pursuit of exploration towards the pursuit of power for themselves.

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