Planetoid Praxis #4 Capsule Review


Title:  Planetoid Praxis #4

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Ken Garing

Artist:  Ken Garing

Cover Artist:  Ken Garing

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Is it just me or does Ken Garing’s art style remind me of old school (70’s/80’s) Marvel Comics? Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely a good thing. His artwork and design create a quality story telling which is worth reading once and even twice. With that our story picks up after the attacks upon the Slab. Onca is off to question the local trader regarding the weapons used to destroy the Slab’s water supply. This is a story that reeks of corporate deceit. Helicor even bills the Slab of a certain natural resource that well seems ridiculous. In between all this we get more character development for Zuri and her possibilities beyond the Slab. The Slab’s origins are shrouded more in mystery with the introducing of more characters. Planetoid Praxis is still an excellent book to pick up. This next phase of Ken Garing story continues to build to more action and drama.

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