Geek Out 4.0: Battle of the Cosplayers Winners

Getting to experience a new con for the first time is always wonderful.  Every convention we go to has something that makes it a little unique, but Geek Out 4.0, our first camping con, certainly was the most unique we’ve ever attended.  It was a warm Ohio summer weekend, but that didn’t keep away some fantastic cosplayers who strutted their stuff in the great outdoors.  There were truly some epic costumes which made it mighty difficult for us to decide what we like the best.  But that’s why we turned to you to help us make such a tough decision.  We are proud to announce this years winners for Geek Out 4.0 in our latest instalment of Battle of the Cosplayers!

10th place with 0.88% of the votes, a three way tie between Duke Nukem – Dancing Mad Cosplay, Cosplay Circus (Pokemon, Leeloo, and Phoenix), and Nightmare Batman!

go4dukenukemgo4cosplaycircus go4nightmarebatman

9th with 1.11% of the votes, Bathrobe Deadpool!


8th with 1.77% of the votes, Yamino Cosplay Atlantis!


7th with 1.99% of the votes, Steven Universe!


6th with 2.88% of the votes, Warhammer Deadpool!


5th with 4.42% of the votes, Alice and Mad Hatter!



4th with 6.19% of the votes, Leonidas!


Geek Out 4.0 Top Three

3rd with 20.13% of the votes, Kylo Ren!


2nd with 23.01% of the votes, Scorpion!


1st with 31.64% of the votes, Raven!


We want to congratulate all of our cosplay winners and thank all of our viewers that voted in the poll!  Of course, a big thank you to all of the great cosplayers that came out with some amazing costumes at Geek Out 4.0!  We had a wonderful time meeting everyone and snapping pictures of some fantastic Ohio cosplayers!

As always remember to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date on our next Battle of the Cosplayers Polls.  Check back with us next time when we head down to Indy Pop Con 2017!

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