Freeway Fighter #2 Capsule Review

freeway fighters2
Title: Freeway Fighter #1 
Publisher: Titan Comics/Fighting Fantasy
Writer: Andi Ewington
Artist: Simon Coleby
Colorist: Len O’Grady
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Simon Coleby; Ben Oliver; Simon Myers
Review: ★★★★☆
On any post apocalyptic journey you must have a travelling companion and somewhere to travel. De La Rosa gets her companion with the chap by the name of Ryan. The issue continues the story of De La Rosa’s quest to simply survive this new world where a virus has killed two-thirds the population. Simon Coleby’s artwork is loose and rough in all the right spots. It even works when De La Rosa is seeing more of an other worldly type of character or simply the metaphor put in place. The second issue has moments of hope but gives us a cliffhanger ending that makes us eagerly waiting for the next issue. Second stories tend to be more of “set-up” tales that help move the story to the next level. They do a great job of doing it here. Hopefully sales on the book will warrant another series in the end.

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