Star Trek: New Visions: Time Out of Joint #16 Capsule Review


Title:  Star Trek:  New Visions:  Time out of Joint 

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  John Byrne

Artist:  John Byrne (Photomontage)

Cover Artist:  John Byrne (Photomontage)

Review:  ★★★★☆

I have long been a fan of both Star Trek and John Byrne so the merge of the two is almost natural. While most fans of Byrne would prefer that he continue to draw comics instead, this is an excellent outlet for his skills of imagery. Some Byrne is better then no Byrne.  This episode of New Visions finds the Enterprise under attack and Captain Kirk has made his way to engineering to assist Scotty. Planet DT-262 has been an issue for the Enterprise as their attackers are somewhat tied to the planet. An electrical surge in the engine room has caused some issues with Kirk. Star Trek from time to time has had it’s faor share of time travel stories. Byrne is no stranger to these types of stories either. I enjoyed the fact that no matter what Kirk did in the story, Spock had his back. Keep in mind that this is a photomontage and Byrne has to find just the right shot to make this work for his story. He did have to create new aliens to make his story become more grounded to the Star Trek universe. It’s an excellent read and Byrne does a solid job continuing the Enterprise’s voyages. There are two extra stories which focus more on the minor characters of the Enterprise. It creates more or less a nice behind the scenes.

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