Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker Retro Genesis Capsule Review

Publisher: Sega

Developer:  Sega

Release Date: August 24th, 1990

Platforms:  Sega Mega Drive/Genesis

Rating: ★★★☆☆


We all already knew Michael Jackson could shoot damaging magic lights out of his hands and feet when he danced a s that he could transform into a rocket firing mech when a comet shot across the sky. Wait, you didn’t know that? Well Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker will get you up to date on all that as you take control of the pop star himself. You’ll face gangsters, street hoodlums, and even zombies (naturally) in this single plane, side-scrolling beat-em-up as you search for children (naturally) who will be hiding behind doors, windows, bushes, and car trunks. Find all the children on each level and his beloved chimpanzee will jump on his shoulders to point you towards the boss fight, all while you listen to a few of his digitized hits like Smooth Criminal. If you couldn’t tell, this game is absolutely ridiculous, though the most ridiculous part is that it’s actually entertaining to play. The absurdity of it all works in its favor. It will piss you off as enemies swarm you at times, but you’ll smile as he performs dance moves to kick their asses. Or you’ll wonder if you really have nothing better to do in your life than play this. Either way, it’s worth trying out and it may surprise you that you’re in till the end.

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