The Fix #9 Capsule Review


Title:  The Fix #9

Publisher:  Image Comics

Writer:  Nick Spencer

Artist: Steve Lieber

Colorist: Ryan Hill

Letterer: IRONBARK

Cover Artist: Steve Lieber

Review:  ★★★★☆

Bumbling corrupt cops have dreams too. Women, money, and fame are supposed to come easy when you’re investigating a murder. This story almost puts our main character into a likable position. The “Horny Grandma” shows us the down side of our cop or his short comings. The whole sequence is fascinating because it gives us the breakdown on how some Hollywood actresses have to deal with life. It’s also how the story stands out on its own. It’s all the inner workings of the book make this a fun title where the characters are out to get more than normal. Steve Lieber has a some quality realism to his artwork that makes this book a unique experience. I will probably have to break down and catch with this gritty crime tale.

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