The Simpsons Retro Arcade Capsule Review

Publisher:  Konami

Developer:  Konami

Release Date: March 4th, 1991

Platforms:  Arcade

Rating: ★★★☆☆


Oh the glory days of pumping quarters into an arcade machine to pass the time.  The Simpsons certainly took many of our quarters over the years, not because it necessarily is a great game;  it’s really not.  It’s a decent game that is designed to eat your money through 8 levels of pain, agony, and bosses that will kill you left and right.  What this sidescrolling beat-em-up does to make up for it is simply bringing us the charm of the Simpsons.  Already being given the choice to play as one of the four main Simpsons out to rescue Maggie, you’ll see cameos of some of your favorite characters from the show throughout.  You’ll go through the streets of Springfield on one level, to a dream setting later on where you’ll battle evil donuts and evil saxophones.  Konami made sure the game put us in the world of the show, even if they managed to screw up simple things at times like Bart’s shirt color.  It will piss you off to no end as you die as the developers intended to get your money, but you will still enjoy kicking some butt in the world of the Simpsons.

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