Real Science Adventures #2 Capsule Review


Title Real Science Adventures #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer: Brian Clevinger

Art: Lo Baker (She Devils) &Wook Jin Clark (The Sparrow)

Colorist: Anthony Clark

Letterer: Tessa Stone; Jeff Powell

Cover: Scott Wegner; Anthony Clark

Review: ★★★☆☆

IDW continues it’s run in partnership with Atomic ROBO. When we last left the She-Devils they were headed on a suicide mission to steal more equipment. Sounds simple enough, right? I seemed to forget that this is a post war story. From time to time it becomes darker than expected and more so for the She-Devils themselves. Their mission zigs one way and then zags another. This adds to the danger for all involved and a chance to fight for what’s right. Real Science Adventures is a physically published comic, but also exists as a web series on-line. This format helps pronounce the vivid artwork and color design. The comic also continues its solid back-up story with The Sparrow. It continues to follow it heroine on her spy mission. The end of both stories are left on a cliffhanger so there’s more for us to come to in the next issue.

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