Penny Dreadful #1 Capsule Review


Title:  Penny Dreadful #1

Publisher:  Titan Comics

Writer:  Chris King

Artist: Jason Wordie

Colorist: Carlos Lopez 

Letterer: Rob Steen

Cover Artist: Stephen Mooney, Rob Davis, Shane Pierce, Louis De Martinis

Review:  ★★★★☆

The new series from Titan Comics continues after the events of the show ending finale. Ethan goes through some haunting effects of his actions. Primarily the plot opens in Egypt with Ferdinand Lyle coming in contact with an ancient tomb. We all know where this is going from here. Penny Dreadful’s integration with popular monster culture comes into play quite well in this situation. There’s also another player that is coming to terms with his god worship. The art for the book is creepy and eerie. The main characters show enough likenesses to pass for existing in the world that is created here. London’s architecture also plays an excellent part to the design. If you’re a fan of the story this continues to be an added bonus. Chris King continues to torment his characters with enough doom and gloom to this a worthy read for anyone wanting a fright.

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