Night Owl Society #1 Capsule Review


Title:  Night Owl Society #3

Publisher: IDW Publishing 

Writer:  James Venhaus

Artist: Pius Bak

Letterer: Marshall Dillion

Cover Artist: Pius Bak, Valentin Ramon, Joe Eisma, Tobias Morrow

Review:  ★★★★☆

I have been putting off this review for quite awhile.  It’s not that the story is bad or hateful by any means. It begins with a teenager sneaking out for the night for an odd reason. The book then jumps back to see how the players work within the comic and how our beginning came about. It comes off as an interesting cross between The Breakfast Club and Veronica Mars. The flip of the situation is that the antagonists in this tale are all the more nefarious. They are way more direct with their failed minions. The design and style of the book uses muted colors to display the tone. The selective color schemes and the choice facial expressions really work well with the plot. I thought the artwork was just so-so, but the expressions are surprising and unique. The Night Owl Society has excellent start.

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