Helena Crash #3 Capsule Review


Title:  Helena Crash #3

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Fabian Rangel Jr.

Artist:  Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Letterer: Ironbark

Cover Artist: Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Chris Visions

Review:  ★★★☆☆

When we last left our heroine she was dealing with the results of declining the business offer of the White Demon. It’s a super cool gangster name for a lady mobster. The whole opening sequence lays out like a scene from a really great martial arts film with lots of swords. Without dropping any further details, Helena escapes the vengeance of the White Demon. Ms. Crash is properly named as she takes some battle damage during the fray. The more I read this story I would say it’s a guilty pleasure. Helena’s supporting characters are likable and used well in this tale. The quest to gain more coffee is the goal. Another one of the primary villains makes a cliff hanger appearance to make more problems for Helena.

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