Biff to the Future #4 Capsule Review


Title:  Biff to the Future #4

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer: Bob Gale & Derek Fridolfs

Artist: Alan Robinson 

Inker: Alan Robinson & Jamie Castro

Colorist: Maria Santaolalla

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist: Alan Robinson, Derek Fridolfs, Anthony Marques

Review: ★★★★☆

We are now four issues into Biff to the Future and expectations are coming to pass. Biff gets rich: check. Biff runs Hill Valley:  check.  Biff kills George:  check. It continues to tie Biff into real world events that are adjusted to Biff’s power and wealth, such as a certain president getting re-elected to a third term. It shows what money could actually do. Issue four gives us all the back story on the McFly’s that we really didn’t want to see (because it’s horrible for them of course). Don’t get me wrong Biff has some issues that the writer throw at him. His resolve is questionable and really violent to a point. The book finds no further way to redeem or make you remotely like Biff, but only to enjoy the subtle pain he puts his enemies through. In the end we get another appearance by a Hill Valley inhabitant that I had honestly forgotten about. It’s a super nice ending splash page to the story. Alan Robinson’s artwork still works for the story and he does a great job bringing the characters back to life. Who knows what’s up next for bad old Biff, though after this, we could stand to see more about him.

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