Spencer & Locke #1 Capsule Review


Title: Spencer & Locke You Can’t Go Home Again

Publisher: Action Lab Entertainment

Writer: David Pepose

Artist: Jorge Santiago Jr.

Colorist: Jasen Smith

Letterer: Colin Bell

Cover: Jorge Santiago Jr, Maan House, Joe Mulvey

Review: ★★★★☆

If Spencer & Locke sounds like a crime story, well, that’s because it is sort of.  Upon viewing the cover it appears Spencer & Locke looks like a sci-fi story with a human like panther with a partner who looks like the guy out of Ghost in the Shell. The story jumps back and forth from two points of view that gives the character more depth. This comic seems straight forward, but obviously pays homage to a specific newspaper strip. Otherwise the plot lines throughout the book cross paths that ironically tie each other together. This all makes the tale interesting and suspenseful as a cop story should. The artwork is well done and suited to the subject matter since it jumps back and forth between themes. I would say check out this book and I hope it draws you in.

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