Underwinter #2 Capsule Review



Title: Underwinter #2 Symphony: December

Publisher: Image Comics

Writer:  Ray Fawkes

Artist: Ray Fawkes

Letterer: Steve Wands

Cover: Ray Fawkes, Dustin Nguyen

Review: ★★★☆☆

Three weeks after the events of issue #1 we catch up with our four symphonic musicians. Each one is going through the events of what happen to them. Each experience in our lives changes and alter our perceptions. It adjusts how we further treat our world and everything in it. Kendall, Stephanie, Corben, and Eleanor each their own separate withdrawals from playing for the dinner party. Ray Fawkes has some story plots for our musicians that will continue to break down their psyches and unfold the story. The artwork is the beautiful sketch like style with watercolor add to the tone of the dark story line. The character end up finding themselves performing once again for the crowd with some potentially shocking results. The book is meant for adult readers and definitely worth the read if you’re seeking a little dark side.

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