The Top Ten Reasons To See Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Welcome to May 2017 Marvel fans and the return to “Summer Blockbuster Season”! Here at First Appearance we present to you the top 10 reasons to drop your hard-earned cash to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. This coming weekend.  We’ve based this on the trailers and the news that has trickled out, not based on actually having watched the film yet. So READ and then GO and witness all the Marvel Cinematic goodness the film has in store for us!


10. Sequel GOLD

There are many that would agree that Empire Strikes Back is one of the best sequels of all time. Most people who saw the first film felt like it was Star Wars for a new generation, so we don’t think we’re completely off base here.  So how does GotG Vol.2 stand up to the hype of the grandaddy of all sequels. The fan made poster makes me want to see the movie. I don’t image the film will be as dark as Empire, but hopefully tons of fun.

Q ‘lltaserface-comics-191972

9.  Taserface

Ok, so there’s Marvel character from the 90’s called TASERFACE. True story.  I don’t even know where to start with this one. He’s played by Chris Sullivan and he’s bad guy. The one thing I know is that I have the first appearance and my comic just went up in value, unless Drax stomps him in the first 2 mins of the film, which I’d still be alright with.



Pom Klementieff (WOW that’s a mouthfull) plays the celestial embodiment of all emotions (what does that evern mean?). Anyways, Mantis has been around since 1973 and isn’t really one of the most likable characters in the Marvel Universe. She has the potential to be the joke of the movie so here’s hoping that there’s more to this character than only what we saw in the trailers.


7. Sylvester Stallone

Stallone joins the cast as Stakar Ogord, or Starhawk, as he is more known to the reading audience. Starhawk is also another throw back to the 70’s Marvel. He was an original member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. In his own right Starhawk is powerhouse with legendary powers. Casting Stallone in the roll is a good choice so long as he doesn’t cheese it up too much and take away from the primary characters.


6. Kurt Russell

Stallone is a living movie legend. So from there we get a movie god with Kurt Russell. Yes, I like Russell more.  Russell was rumored to play Peter Quill’s long-lost father. But that isn’t the whole truth as he is playing the living planet EGO. YES (again) Kurt Russell is a giant living planet. I don’t have any idea how that’s all going to play out but it should be interesting as hell.



It’s out and you haven’t bought it yet? The music of the film helped the previous flick to drive the story and give it the perfect mood. Now I paid the price and bought the music;  it’s good classic music and it prepares me for what I will see this coming weekend.  But it’s out of context so without the movie it’s a really good mix tape with some choice songs.


4. Initial Reviews

So far we have heard that GotG Vol.2 has tested higher than any other film when shown to preview audiences. So we have word of mouth going there. Rotten Tomatoes has in kicking around 85% as of right now. That’s pretty high, but also means someone didn’t like it. Should you believe the hype here? The amount of positivity around this film already, we’re thinking hell yes!

James gunn

3. James Gunn

Give the man a hand for returning to the director’s chair. James Gunn has brought fun to the Galaxy. The last movie was entertaining, well-thought out, and we continue to applaud his devotion to the material. Let’s face it, Whedon’s second go in the Marvel universe didn’t plan out all that well, but we think Gunn has everything in place for another hit.


2. Infinity Gems/Human Story

Where does all this tie into the Thanos/Infinity War Saga that will unfold in the next Avengers movie? We know where most of the gems are at this point and that the Guardians will make an appearance in the Avengers. Hopefully it will tie everything together in some way or sort. It’s been said the story will also give us more of Peter Quinn’s back story since his mother returns to Vol.2. The film version has been altered somewhat from the comics so hopefully the human element will continue to drive our little space family.


1. The Guardians of the Galaxy

I have great respect for a cast that returns to a project like Guardians. Granted.  I’m sure they were contracted to do so as well, but I digress. It’s the consistency that will make this story successful. The truth is we want to see what Groot and Rocket will do next. They aren’t even real people, but really fleshed out computer characters that we’ve all come to love over the last several years.  Will Peter and Gamora finally hook up?  Will Drax finally get a clue?  Will Nebula forgive and forget or kill them all?  We’re completely invested in them all and can’t wait to see how they’ll grow in the latest film.

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