Helena Crash #2 Capsule Review


Title:  Helena Crash #2 

Publisher:  IDW Publishing

Writer:  Fabian Rangel Jr.

Artist:  Warwick Johnson Cadwell

Letteres: Ironbark

Cover Artist: Warwick Johnson Cadwell, Andrew MacLean

Review:  ★★★☆☆

Helena Crash returns after running into the Los Fantasmas and escaping with some battle damage to her sweet ride. This gives the creators and excuse to introduce us to Helena’s EX:El Lobo and say, “I know a guy.” It’s such a well used line at any given time. It’s an interesting interaction between Helena and Lobo that shows a little more depth to the main character. It’s something this story truly needs for us to continue to read the book. The title Curse of the White Dragon applies to a couple of things in the story that become object of Helena’s quest in this tale. Things aren’t always as they seem and the outcome reminds me of a sequence from Kill Bill. There are lots of swords and people with black suits. I haven’t decided if I truly like the book or if it is the story that’s drawing me to read. I enjoy comic art as almost an initial go to for enjoyment on a comic. Helena’s artwork does work for the story but some of the exaggerations are a little much and a distraction. I will appreciate Helena’s quest to get coffee to the highest bidder and I continue to put time in on the book, for now. Side note, the authors suggest music to read the book to;  hey guys, put that info in the beginning before I read the story, otherwise it’s nice helpful tip.  If you read to music.

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