C2E2 2017: Battle of the Cosplayer Semi-Finals-Day 2 Updates

Welcome back Cosplayers and fans of Cosplays. First off we want to thank everyone for continuing to vote for the BATTLE!!! I want to say Day One was incredible and  I hope we have some new leaders or maybe not…Let’s take a look…


Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and R2D2 continue to keep first place on Friday…They must be using the friend factor to keep their votes alive.
Starfire Derby Style is also keeping her 2nd place intact…excellent job STAR
We have a new third place with ALOY…keep up the votes.


Funko Hulkbuster
Funko Hulkbuster has taken the lead for Saturday…Great Job guys!!
Our favorite Fairies dropped a spot but we have plenty of time to cast more votes.
Pyramid Head from Silent Hill still continues to scare up with third place


Spider-Man Spider-Man does what ever a Spider can…spin his webs…OH Wait…I am showing my age?…These guys continue their reign at the top
Cheeta #2 jumps into 2nd place with the fantastic pose!!!
I sense a presence in third place and holding. Thanks big D!!

So there’s our standing for Wednesday April 26, 2017…please don’t forget to vote every 24 hours…NOW if you have a favorite…You should look again at all the marvelous costumes out there. I personally try not the vote for the same person twice and I do have some of my favorites. To everyone out there….Good Night…

1 Comment on C2E2 2017: Battle of the Cosplayer Semi-Finals-Day 2 Updates

  1. Wow! Reading this post… why all the shade for the Luke/Han/R2D2 group?

    Granted there are no direct insults, but… The comments for the all of the top 3 contenders are “Great job,” “Excellent job,” or “Keep up the votes.” But then… for the Star Wars group, you wrote, “They must be using the friend factor to keep their votes alive.”

    I really enjoy cosplay and the people in the community. I am very impressed by the creativity, skill, and humor in the cosplay from the people in this competition. And I have found that majority of this community is positive and supportive of one another. Because of this, it is shocking to see this post that even starts off with hoping for new leaders.

    For a contest that is for fun, you have made it unpleasant. It is most bothersome since the photographer told us to get our friends to check out the website and vote.

    I thought we were helping to increase views to your website while gaining bragging rights for our cosplay. If your comments indicate what you really want for your website and this contest, I’ll stop promoting my “friend factor” to vote on your website.

    I wish all the other cosplayers good luck! You have some tremendous costumes and deserve attention for them.


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