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Top 5 Costumes:  Flash

Our focus for this week’s Comic Closet brings us to the heart of the DC universe, to a hero that if you blink you’d miss him.  Of course we are talking about everyone’s favorite speedster, The Flash. Many have called themselves the Flash over the years, tapping into the speed force.  For this one we decided to dig into the Flash family for our top favorites, not just focusing on Jay, Barry, Wally, ect..  With that being a fairly large choice of costumes to sort through we had some tough choices to make on what were our favorites.  Did your favorite make the cut, or did we zip by it in a race to the top.  Don’t forget our dishonorable mention below, with a choice many of you might not remember, or expect. Don’t forget to let us know what your top five Flash costumes are in the comments below!


5.  Dark Flash:  Walter West is nearly identical to Wally West, except for the fact his Iris was killed during a battle with Kobra and he had just a tad smaller morale compass.  The difference in what that single moment produced was a more vicious Flash who got to have his own special costume.  The subdued color modification is a good change of pace from the bright red and yellow that you otherwise normally see from the Flash family.  The single white lightning bolt draped over his shoulder gives him a bold look.


4.  Jay Garrick Original:  As the original Flash, Jay Garrick has the most basic costume.  As we’ve said before though, basic can still be good.  The red shirt, blue jeans give him an all-american feel, but also the look that anyone could wear this.  Except for the helmet, which seems as though more time went into it, especially the wings.  You can’t help but love that helmet, everyone should have one to wear, except on a warm day, that might get a little hot.  The giant lightning bolt coming out of his pants does seem to be over compensating for something, however.

3.  Jay Garrick New 52:  Jay Garrick traveled around the world twice to hit our list for a second time. This New 52 version goes for a more complicated route with his costume.  It still has the same color scheme and basic layout as his original but it does have a more super hero look to it. As much as we liked his original helmet, this one is a little ore practical.  While the other one seems as though it could fly off in a burst of speed, decapitating a crowd of people with its sharp edge, this helmet has a much more aerodynamic look for a speedster.

2.  Modern:  The modern day costume has had a few slight variations of the years, but not enough we felt to separate them out by themselves.  This costume more or less has been used since the 50’s and beyond the modifications here and there, seems to be staying.  The costume is a sleek red with the yellow lightning bolts placed in just the right spots.  Then we go to the iconic lightning bold symbol on his chest.  Show it to just about anyone and they will probably recognize it as being the Flash’s.  It is so simple, but so memorable.

1.  Elseworld’s Finest:  An alternate reality version of the Flash takes our top spot in the end.  The costume takes a page from the original costume, which we already love.  Then it takes our love, and twists it into something slightly more terrifying than the original, if not just more intimidating in general.  If we were a villain and saw a speedster coming at us with those giant arm sheathes, we might wet ourselves.  The full helmet takes away all look of humanity from the character, sealing that this is not your daddy’s Flash.

Dishonorable Mention

Speed Demon:  That’s right, we dug deep down into the Amalgam universe to pull out Blaze Allen for our dishonorable mention of the week.  Marvel and DC’s crossover combined Ghost Rider and Flash into this sideshow.  Why the Ghost Rider and the Flash were complement characters to combine is beyond us to start with.  Just trying to alternate the Flash’s colors on Ghost Rider was the easy way out for the designers.  They couldn’t even be bothered to try and include a bigger lightning bolt presence on the costume.  The nails and teeth for the skeleton are just way to gnarly to really take seriously.  The costume is just offensive to the legacy of both characters and shows why crossovers between the big two are not always good.

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