Dungeons & Dragons Frost Giant’s Fury #2 Capsule Review


Title: Dungeons & Dragons: Frost Giants Fury #2

Publisher: IDW Publishing

Writers: Jim Zub

Art: Netho Diaz

Inker: JB Neto & Glauber Matos

Colorist: Thiago Ribeiro

Letterer: Neil Uyetake

Cover Artist: Max Dunbar,  Nelson Daniel, Tyler Jacob0son

Review:  ★★★☆☆

I must admit, I have been sitting on this review for sometime now. I mean it’s Dungeons and Dragons.  I would hope most know what that means. There have been D&D comics for years now. What’s going to make Frost Giant’s Fury stand out? First off, our tale includes a Ranger, a Sorceress, a Thief, a Rogue Elf, a Cleric, a Half Dragon man, and a Space Hamster (which isn’t common for any quest). Our heroes have been displaced and are trying to find their way back to Baldur’s Gate. Including a rampaging Frost Giants and an Ice Dragon to make things more interesting, the quest progresses. The story is fun and interesting. The artwork is excellent and uses sharp line work to depict the characters within. The colors are bright and stand out when necessary. IDW has put together a solid book and even issue 2 isn’t totally a bad jumping on point for new readers. I am hoping the book keeps its writers and artist since they have created an excellent comic story. Plus the creators have included a nice stat sheet at the end of the book so you can play the characters with your fellow players.

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